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What Wine Pairs Well With Seafood?

What Wine Pairs Well With Seafood?
It’s National Drink Wine Day (hurrah!) and so we wanted to share with you some guidelines for pairing wine with our delicious Scottish Seafood.
When it comes to meat we know the general rules – red wine with red meat and white tastes nice with chicken but when it comes to seafood, it can seem more complicated. Is that really the case? We had a chat with Gordon Davidson of Corney and Barrow, one of the UK’s oldest independent wine merchants, to find out what his recommendations are for wine and seafood.

Gordon has provided some easy to remember guidelines so read on if you want to know what pairs best with your Amity haul! 


Cod 'Orzotto' Chorizo and Orzo with White Wine
White Fish such as cod pairs with a variety of wines
White fish cooked simply, pairs well with a classic, dry French white; Muscadet, Chablis or Sancerre,” explains Gordon, “Something interesting from the Arinto Grape in Southern Portugal, or the fascinating white from Southern France – Picpoul – is the immediate thought but there are loads of wonderful ‘seafood friendly’ whites from there.”
And for fans of Rose, he has this suggestion: “Don’t forget the Provencal Roses!”
However, heavily seasoned white fish required further consideration when it come to wine selection:
“The more flavours (herbs and spices) you add to white fish, the more weight in the wine, so Viognier, Riesling, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and New World light oaked Chardonnays work best.”
For those that enjoy a luxurious, creamy sauce with their white fish, Gordon say: “White burgundy or Semillon is a classic match.”
However, we were surprised to discover when it comes to white fish, its not all about white wine!
“If you start working with tomatoes, then a light red with crunchy fruit and acidity would be a match – look at young pinot noirs (VERY lightly oaked and no more than that!) from Burgundy and the southern hemisphere and also Beaujolais.”
You learn something new every day!


Air Fryer Salmon with Salad
Salmon is a delicious oily fish that pairs well with a number of great wines
For oily fish and in particular salmon or mackerel, Gordon recommends German or Antipodean Rieslings:
“That packs lots of citrussy (lemon and lime) and apple-y (green) fruit and acidity that will cut through and balance the oily texture and weight.” 
Fans of Salmon in particular take note:
“Arinto is very good with lighter smoked salmon, as is Gewurtztraminer with the more heavily smoked / robust salmon.”

What about Fish Suppers?

Amity Haddock Fish Supper
Perfectly paired with some fizz!
Wine pairing does not just extend to fine dining! Did you know fried fish and fizz is a classic combination that works brilliantly with batter and vinegar? Consider pouring yourself a refreshing glass of prosecco the next time you are having one of our Fish Supper Boxes!


Dressed Lobster and Wine
A great Chablis will work wonderfully with lobster
And for Shellfish in particular?
Langoustine and Lobster scream out for the classics!” Gordon says excitedly: “Muscadet, Chablis, Sancerre again – and again Picpoul and Arinto – and also don’t forget the other Iberian seafood classic, Albarino!”
What about prawns?
“Any white (still or sparkling) is just perfect! Good Chardonnay always works, but proper white Burgundy from good producers is the ultimate match!”

Gordon's Special Recommendation

mackerel salad
Mackerel salad works well with Gordon's current favourite - Egy Kis!
When asked about what he would recommend in particular, Gordon offers this piece of advice:
“I almost forgot one of the great recent finds for combining with smoked salmon and mackerel – and also some of the more complex white dishes: A Hungarian Dry Furmint, curiously named Egy Kis! This is too good not to give a special mention!”
And what about budget? Well, there are options starting from under £10 on the Corney and Barrow site.
So there you have it, the perfect guide to pairing great wine with your Amity order.

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