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Langoustine Grades

What is Langoustine?

We are going back to basics this week with a blog on our beloved Scottish langoustine. Settle in, this won’t take LANG!

While it may seem obvious to seafood fans, our folks on the coasts who have easy access to this delicious shellfish delicacy, we also get asked lots of questions about our luxurious langoustine products. They truly are an eating experience that is hard to beat.

Cooked Whole Langoustine
Whole Scottish Langoustine

Did you know...

Over a third of the world’s langoustines are landed right here in Scotland every year!  But for the uninitiated, what are langoustine and why are they considered so precious?

What is a langoustine?

Langoustines are often mistaken for prawns, when in actual fact they are part of the lobster family.
Scientifically known as Nephrops norvegicus and referred to as Nephrops within the industry, a langoustine can also be known by many other names such as: Dublin Bay prawns in Ireland, Norwegian Lobster in Scandinavia or Scampi across parts of Europe (you can check out our dedicated SCAMPI blog here).
Appearance-wise they look very similar to lobsters, but on a smaller scale. Unlike lobster, they don’t change colour when cooked – instead they retain their lovely pale pink hue.
Texture-wise, langoustine are very similar to lobster but are available in a few forms. You can have them wholeshell on or as peeled tails.
Whole Langoustine | Amity Fish Company
Whole Scottish Langoustines

What do langoustine taste like?

The tail meat has a succulent sweet taste and a firm, meaty texture. 

Are Langoustine good for you?

The short answer is, YES! Like most seafood, langoustine are rich in Omega-3, selenium, iodine, Vitamin B12 and more – essential nutrients for your diet.

They are also low in fat, and high in protein, making them a delicious and healthy choice.

langoustine shell on tails

What do langoustine grades mean?

A higher grade will have more individual langoustines per pack and lower grades will have less pieces but they will be bigger!

For exampe, 14/17 grade means there will be approx 14-17 pieces per pack, whereas a 20/25 pack will have (you guessed it) approx 20-25 individual langoustine for that same weight.

When it comes to the sizes we offer Gourmet, then Jumbo and now – when available – SUPREME langoustines. These are our largest yet!

If you know you know!

Supreme Langoustine
Supreme size langoustine

Looking for recipe inspiration? Our Brand Ambassador Rebecca’s Cookery has some delicious and easy to follow recipes that are perfect for Amity seafood. Or head to our COOKING page for great tips on how to use your langoustine by Chef and Cookery Writer Charlotte Pike.

Still not sure? Our dedicated crew are here and ready to take your calls and answer your emails. We are passionate about our produce and happy to make recommendations and provide guidance on how to use your Amity catch! Contact us on orders@amityfish.co.uk.

Shell on Langoustine Tails BBQ
Shell On Tails

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