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What is a Fish Finger

What is a Fish Finger?

By definition, a Fish Finger is “a food that consists of a long, thin piece of fish that is covered in breadcrumbs and then cooked.”

By that definition, our luxury cod dogs, lemon sole and halibut goujons certainly fit the bill!

By there is so much more to the humble but delicious fish finger than you might think! Here are our top 10 facts about Fish Fingers:

What is a Fish Finger
Fish Fingers

They Are Enduringly Popular!

Us Brits LOVE a Fish Finger! Its estimated we eat more than 1.5 million A DAY!

They are also very popular in Germany

The first fish fingers were sold to Germans in 1959, made in Bremerhaven. The seaport is still regarded as the capital of these crispy treats to this day. On average, people in Germany eat 24 fish fingers a year. 

The Concept Behind Fish Fingers is Very Current

The original concept for Fish Fingers was brought to life by Clarence Birdseye (yes, THAT Birdseye) with the purpose of using up all parts of the fish. In fact the Fish Finger slogan was NO BONES, NO WASTE, NO SMELL, NO FUSS. How very 2022!

The Original Filling is Not What You Might Think

It may surprise you to know however that the original fish fingers contained HERRING! Herring was heavily exported to North Europe from the UK but following World War 2 there was a high surplus of herring during the 1950s. Birdseye created the concept of Herring Savouries to make use of high herring stocks!

Amity Luxury Cod Dogs are ideal for a fish finger experience like no other!

Fish Fingers Were A Creation of Product Testing

When these herring savouries were presented alongside the milder ‘cod pieces’, shoppers overwhelming showed their preference for the cod version! Once Birdseye changed the filling to cod, sales soared!

Fish Fingers are approaching their 70th Anniversary

The first cod sticks were produced in Great Yarmouth in 1955 by Birdseye.

TV Made Fish Fingers Big News

Sales soared once the product was advertised on TV in 1956.

The First Bite Is the Deepest

It’s supposed that the majority of Brits get their first taste of seafood from a humble fish finger!

The Shape is Functional

The long shape of batons make them the optimum shape for storing and freezing.

Upgrade your fish finger experience by going for a fish finger burger or sandwich!

How many??

If you laid all the fish fingers ever sold out in a line…it would stretch around the world over 40 times!


It you are conscious about opting for a quality fish finger, be sure to check the content. Ideally you want a fish finger with 100% seafood fillet filling.

Looking for more inspiration? Our Brand Ambassador Rebecca’s Cookery has some delicious and easy to follow recipes that are perfect for Amity seafood. Or head to our COOKING page for great tips on how to use your langoustine by Chef and Cookery Writer Charlotte Pike.

Still not sure? Our dedicated crew are here and ready to take your calls and answer your emails. We are passionate about our produce and happy to make recommendations and provide guidance on how to use your Amity catch! Contact us on orders@amityfish.co.uk.

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