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What Fish Is Scampi

What fish is Scampi?

We are going back to basics this week with a shrimpy marvellous blog on SCAMPI.

While it may seem obvious to seafood fans, this is a question we get asked a lot, especially in reference to our bestselling Amity Panko Single Wholetail Scampi.

Jimmy’s Amity Panko Breaded Frozen Single Wholetail Scampi
Our Amity Panko Single Wholetail Scampi is our best seller

Where does Scampi come from?

Scampi is shellfish.

When we talk about scampi in the UK, we are usually referring to langoustine coated in breadcrumbs or batter.

However, the term ‘scampi‘ originates from Italy and means ‘peeled prawn tail’ – not necessarily breaded! Indeed across Europe it is not uncommon to find ‘scampi’ on the menu that will arrive at your table in the form of naked langoustine tails.

The plural for Scampi in Italian is Scampo. However in the UK the term ‘Scampi’ is unquantifiable. It can mean one singular or many pieces!

So where do these langoustine tails come from?

Langoustines [Nephrops Norvegicus] are found in the icy waters surrounding the Scottish and Irish coast. The tail of the langoustine is very meaty – this is the part used for ‘scampi’.

Did you know…most langoustine caught in these waters is used to make scampi?

What is a langoustine?

Langoustines are also known as Norway Lobsters, Dublin Bay Prawns and sometimes ‘scampi’ across Europe. 
Appearance-wise they look very similar to lobsters, but on a smaller scale. Unlike lobster, they don’t change colour when cooked – instead they retain their lovely pale pink hue.
Texture-wise, langoustine are very similar to lobster but are available in a few forms. You can have them wholeshell on or as peeled tails.
Whole Langoustine | Amity Fish Company
Whole Scottish Langoustines

What's your type?

There are 2 main types of scampi: wholetail and formed.

Wholetail is scampi that contains one or more (you guessed it) wholetail of langoustine.

Meanwhile Formed is made up of broken pieces . This is the kind usually used for the breaded and battered scampi we are used to seeing on a menu.

Customer Photo
Customer Supplied Photo of the Panko

There are Guidelines...

There are actual guidelines for the content of Scampi and when it can be classed as such.  

‘Real’ scampi needs to be at least 33% langoustine meat in each piece. There are also guidelines regarding water content of the final product.

Some kitchens and producers will use monkfish in place of langoustine. This is very tasty but technically not ‘Scampi’.

Originally Monkfish would have been chosen as a substitute to langoustine for it’s meaty constitution and cheaper price. Nowadays it is not as common practice as there is less cost difference between the two.

Shrimply the Best

Amity Panko Single Wholetail
Why not try our best-selling Panko Single Wholetail Scampi?
Available only from Amity, our juicy wholetails of the finest Scottish langoustine are hand picked and coated in delicious golden panko bread crumb to form an taste sensation! (Don’t believe us? Read the reviews 😉)
 Our Panko Scampi comes in 1KG bags of individually frozen pieces – approximately 60 pieces (8 portions) a bag! 
SKIPPER’S TIP: Once fried, remove the scampi from the oil and rest them for four minutes before plating up and tucking in. Those four minutes will release amazing flavour, you won’t regret the wait! 

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