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Stop Food Waste Day : Making the Most of Your Amity Catch

Stop Food Waste Day

Today is Stop Food Waste Day.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the issue of food waste has become even more important. After the shock of being faced with empty shelves during months of panic buying, we have become better at using what we have in our kitchens and more creative with what we can find on the shelves. But are we doing enough?

Did you know?*

  • One third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted every year?
  • Almost half of root crops, fruit and veg produced globally is lost or wasted every year?
  • One quarter of food wasted globally could feed all undernourished people in the world?
  • 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions each year are due to food loss and waste.
*Statistics learned from the Stop Food Waste Day website

Startling facts I’m sure you’ll agree! Did you know by reducing our food waste we will:

  • Save money – Did you know the average UK family spends £250-£400 each year on food which is wasted. That’s around 6.7 million tonnes!
  • Help protect our environment – a reduction in food waste will result in less greenhouse gas emissions as less waste ends up in the ground.

So how can we spot food waste and take action to reduce it?

When it comes to your Amity catch, there are a few different things you can try:

Stop Food Waste Day : Making the Most of Your Amity Catch
Grilled Langoutine Shells can be reused to make a fantastic stock or bisque

Don’t Throw Away Those Shells!

Once you’ve enjoyed your lobster and langoustines, keep hold of those shell carcasses! Lobster and langoustine shells can be boiled down to make the most delicious shellfish stock or bisque.

Mackerel and salmon make an excellent pate when mashed down – the perfect lunch time snack.

Lobster and langoustine shells also contain valuable calcium and nutrients so rather than stink out your bin, why not try using them for compost?

Don’t want to deal with the waste at your end? We hear you! Why not try our hand picked crab meat or juicy peeled langoustine tails leaving no shells to deal with at your end?

What about fish skin? I love a beautiful piece of pan fried fish with the crispy skin on but if you must remove it, apparently it makes for delicious crackling! This one may be an acquired taste!

Fish Pie Mix Documenting my Dinner
Amity Fish Pie Mix with Prawns by Documenting my Dinner

Say 'Aye' Tae A Pie

If you find yourself with leftover cooked fish – which is not something that happens often in this household admittedly – consider using it for filling in fish pie, fish cakes or even fish soup.

No leftovers? No problem – we also sell bags of broken haddock, saving waste at our end. These bags of delicious smoked haddock pieces make the dreamiest Cullen Skink or fish pie filling. Our Luxury Fish Pie Mix bags are also so easy to use and result in little to no waste!

Freeze, Punk!

Freezing your produce is a great way to prevent food waste as you can remove and defrost what you need, as you need it. Much of our stock comes vac packed and ideal for popping in to the freezer for use at a later date.

Better still, much of our range of 60+ products comes to you already frozen from fresh, preventing waste and ensuring you get amazing quality seafood. You can read more about the benefits of buying frozen in our previous blog, When Is Frozen Better Than Fresh?

For even more tips and information on the fight against food waste, check out the official website www.stopfoodwasteday.com.

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