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Seaspiracy : Why You Should Still Enjoy Seafood

Seaspiracy : Why You Should Still Enjoy Seafood


First of all, why did they not call it Conspira-sea?

Secondly, it’s undeniable that Netflix docu-drama Seaspiracy has grabbed global attention with its often shocking and depressingly negative depiction of the seafood industry.

I say docu-drama as I feel documentary is a rather loose term for this style of biased filmmaking.

While we as a business are as concerned as any to see certain issues in our industry come to light – shocking issues that absolutely must be addressed – it is extremely disappointing that Seaspiracy fails to reference the good work being undertaken, particularly in the UK (and indeed around the globe) to protect our waters and species.

Our coastal fishing communities rely on plentiful waters; our fishermen, producers and suppliers need successful hauls to stay afloat (excuse the pun) and because of that sustainability is not just a culture – it is essential to our survival as an industry.

Here at Amity Fish Co, we have always been passionate about sustainability and obtaining amazing Scottish seafood from responsible sources. Customers are becoming savvier about where their food comes from; there is no doubt Seaspiracy plays on these concerns and in our opinion, asking how and where food (all food, not just fish) is sourced can only be A Good Thing.

What is disappointing however, is this film does not seek to educate consumers on making informed sustainable choices when it comes to seafood. Seaspiracy demands the viewer ‘cancels’ seafood altogether as eating fish is killing our planet (coincidentally, these are the same people that told us we should stop eating cows in Cowspiracy for the same reason…and that eating eggs was more damaging to our health than smoking cigarettes…yes, really).

There have been many fantastic, factual responses to this film from our industry and we recommend you give these a read – here are some of our favourites:

Rather than reiterate those, let’s end on a positive note by reminding you of five amazing reasons why you should enjoy your Amity seafood guilt-free:

Our fishing communities care.

The fishing industry depends on a healthy marine environment. Successful hauls at sea ensure not only the fishermen make a living, but producers, suppliers and transporters too. As an industry we are passionate about protecting the waters not only for ourselves but future generations and there are initiatives throughout the country intended to reduce the impact of fishing in our waters. Our own MD, Jimmy Buchan, was involved in the development of the UK Responsible Fishing Scheme (now known as the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard) and actively involved in the development of a net design to allow the escape of juvenile fish during Nephrop fishing. Out there right now, great work is being undertaken by our fishing communities and fisheries to ensure sustainability prevails.

Seafood is good for your health.

The NHS recommends 2 portions of seafood a week in your diet, one of which should be oily. Seafood offers many nutrients and vitamins as well as having links to improving not just physical but mental health too. Literal brain food!

It is easy to buy responsibly.

Here in the UK, due to regulations regarding food labelling, it is easier to buy seafood from sustainable sources. If you aren’t sure about something, contact the supplier and ask questions! Here at Amity Fish Co, our crew are transparent about where and how our seafood is sourced and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Seafood can be a low carbon footprint option.

It has been proven that often seafood has a much lower carbon footprint that other meats such as beef or pork. Be mindful firstly of where you buy your seafood from. Not everyone lives near the coast and has direct access to freshly landed seafood but there are other ways you can choose seafood with a smaller impact on our environment. Choosing from a seafood supplier, such as Amity Fish Co, means your seafood is transported directly. Consider choosing frozen seafood too, as this typically has a lower carbon footprint due to there being less urgency in transporting it from A to B.

The industry is tackling the very real problem of marine pollution.

Being out at sea, vessels are in the prime position to make a positive impact on our environment. As well as taking nets full of seafood, other less desirable items are being caught in each haul. Many vessels across the country are now signed up to the Fishing for Litter initiative, a voluntary scheme where our fisherman bring litter and discarded fishing gear ashore to be recycled: to date over 1866 tonnes of marine litter has been collected by Scottish and South West England member vessels. Amazing!

If you still have concerns after watching Seaspiracy, we are here and happy to answer any of your questions and allay your fears. Drop us an email at orders@amityfish.co.uk. Education and getting information out to our customers is key for us to help our industry combat the unfair negative stigma following the release of this film.

Please continue to enjoy your seafood responsibly.


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