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License to Grill: Seafood BBQ

License to Grill

There’s nothing better than delicious Scottish Seafood done on the barbeque – both easy to prepare and delicious, you don’t need a “license to grill” to get the job done!

In fact, anyone can become a King of the Grill with a few little tips.

Here in the UK we are becoming more skilled on the grill every year.

Did you know in Easter 2020 alone we enjoyed over 15 MILLION barbecue events in the UK? As a nation we are leading the BBQ scene in Europe holding over 150 million barbecues a year – come rain or shine we Brits love to barbeque!

And as its (finally!) hotting up to be a sunny UK summer, that figure is sure to be bested this year.

Today, as we celebrate BBQ Week we have teamed up with kings of the grill, Angus and Oink, to share with you the best hints and tips for making the most of your Amity catch on the grill! 

Enjoy Amity’s License to Grill: Seafood BBQ guide:

langoustine shell on tails
Shell on Langoustine Tails done on the BBQ
angus and oink

We reached out to local King of the Grill, Angus & Oink ‘Pit Boss’ Scott Fraser, for recommendations on prepping and cooking seafood on the barbecue.

What seafood can you grill on the BBQ?

“We have cooked quite a bit of fish and shell fish on the barbecue over the years,” Scott tells us.

“Mostly salmon, trout and monk fish but we have also dabbled in shell fish from langoustines to lobster and scallops too… Fish can be quite delicate on the barbecue compared to the more robust texture of red meat so it needs to be treated tenderly with both seasoning and smoke.”

cod loin
Amity cod loin marinaded in Angus and Oink Zaatar, lemon and herbs. Corn meal polenta with butter and seasoning, white beans with lemon thyme, sage, garlic and chilli. Soy cured yolk.

Setting the Scene

“Many people use a cedar or alder wood plank to grill fish upon. This yields a light smoke flavour and ensures the fish does not disappear through the grill grates. Soak a cedar or alder plank for a couple of hours before you are ready to cook and ensure your fish fillets fit on the planks.”

“Set up a lidded bbq to cook direct at a medium temperature up to 180-200c. Place the fillets on the plank, season with the rub and place directly on the grill grates. You are looking for an internal temperature on the fish of 65-70°c when the fish will be cooked through and remain moist.”

A&O Fish Tacos using Amity Haddock

Scott's Top Tips

  1. Use natural charcoal and proper smoking woods. Don’t be tempted by insta-light charcoal that gives off nasty odours.
  2. Invest in a temperature probe such as a Thermpen to ensure your fish is cooked to perfection and not overcooked and dry.
  3. Pair smoking woods that suit the fish – woods such as apple, olive, cherry and maple do a great job with most fish.
  4. Lightly wipe oil on the grill surface to stop the skin sticking to the surface of the grill.
  5. Avoid direct flame.
  6. But most of all experiment with flavours, seasonings and have fun cooking!

Which seasonings work best with seafood?

“Lemon Pepper with its jewels of Brazilian pink pepper corns and citrus notes or our more powerfully pungent Thai seasoning which is great from mussels, shrimp and whole fish”.

A&O Seafood Boil with Amity Langoustine Tails

And what is Scott’s favourite?

“We’re a big fan of middle eastern cuisine and a couple of our rubs go really well with seafood.”

He says, “Zhoug takes inspiration from Yemen using herbs, chilli, cardamon and lemon peel; ideal to make a pate for fish with olive oil, lemon juice.”

“And our Ras El Hanout is really good on salmon and oily fish such as mackerel to give a boost of flavours including caraway, cumin, chilli.”

Sounds ideal if you ask us.

For your consideration...

Based on the recommendations of the team at Angus and Oink, we now stock a selection of delicious rubs that will pair perfectly with your Amity catch!

Angus and Oink Amity
Amity's Selectino of A&O Rubs

Available in 3 delicious flavours to compliment your catch, choose from:


Developed to max your seafood with delicious lemon and citrus notes combined with complex herbs and rare pink peppercorns from Brazil; this is a truly complex rub that delivers on many levels! The lemon pepper rub compliments everything from Salmon to mackerel and shellfish.


Think rich, indulgent Garlic Butter – in a rub! Buttery garlic and herb powers a superbly balanced seasoning for anything that likes Garlic Butter. Until you have experienced this rubbed all over your seafood you HAVE NOT LIVED IN BUTTERY HEAVEN! Delicious on everything.

Inspired by sweet and sticky Chinese Honey Chilli Chicken. Heady with Chinese aromatic spices, red pepper and chilli for an authentic flavour. Suitable for the oven, pan-frying and BBQing. Glaze with extra honey at the end of cooking for the ultimate sticky finger-lickin’!

How to Use The Rubs

  1. For a new way to enjoy, mix into softened butter to create a flavoured butter, chill and slice to allow to gently melt and trickle over your delicate fish fillets.
  2. Add a good shake to the inside of a whole fish
  3. Use through spaghetti with shellfish to make the most beautiful Mediterranean dish

Cooking made easy...

Head to our COOKING section: Amity have partnered with award winning chef and cookery writer Charlotte Pike to present a series of step by step guides to prepping and cooking your favourite item seafood on the grill!

So whether you’re longing for langos or mystified by monk, let Charlotte show you how easy great seafood is at home in a few easy to follow steps.


Happy grilling!


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