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Fish and Chips: The Nation’s Favourite Takeaway

Fish & Chips.

Continually voted the Nation’s Favourite Takeaway and selling over 380 million portions every year in the UK, we can’t get enough of it.

Fish and Chips is so sacred throughout the UK it was one of the few dishes not to be rationed during the Second World War because Winston Churchill declared that Fish and Chips would keep calm and carry on for fear rationing the dish would create bad feeling.

In the lead up to National Fish and Chip Day on Friday 27th May, we wanted to share with you how easy it is to recreate delicious Fish and Chips in the comfort of your own home, with the help of Calum Richardson, owner of the famous The Bay Fish and Chips, Stonehaven.

Calum Richardson
Calum Richardson, Owner of The Bay Stonehaven

Used to dealing with throngs of hungry customers queuing along the Stonehaven promenade, Calum has shared with us his top tips for whipping up a mouth-watering chippy tea without leaving the house:

Prep is Important

Build your foundation.

“The best technique for coating,” Calum says, “is to use rice flour on your fish prior to battering it. This allows you to cook with thinner batter.”

Batter viscosity is important because a batter that is too thin allows bubbling, but  batter that is too thick may not rise adequately under the weight.

Don’t forget when coating that thin batter will thicken when cooking.

If you are a fan of The Bay’s delicious batter, you can now add this to your own fish supper in the comfort of your own home by buying the famous Bay Batter Mix.

Is Batter better than Breading?

Batter vs Breading.

When it comes to Fish Suppers, Calum’s opinion is: “Batter all the way!”

“Don’t forget that Batter is healthier than breading too!”

It’s true, this is a common misconception. While you may assume pan-frying a breaded item is healthier than deep frying in batter, many don’t account for the loss of valuable vitamins and nutrients that are lost in the cooking process.

Put simply: Deep frying in batter is a quicker process meaning more goodness is retained in the product using this method.

So you can feel less guilty next time you tuck in!

Shop our range of coatings here – including Bay Batter, Golden Breadcrumbs and Crispy Panko.

Keep Things HOT

180 degrees to be precise.

When it comes to the perfect fry, temperature is important. Oil that has overheated will begin to smoke, which will affect the flavour of the food.
Foods cooked in oil that is too cool will emerge soggy and greasy. According to Calum:
“180 degrees will ensure a light and crisp product”

The Shallows

No fryer? No problem!

Calum says don’t let this stop you frying up a fish supper at home!

“All you are needing is enough oil to coat the product and have plenty room.”

“The problem with shallow frying is if you over crowd it, temperature drops and product observes too much oil.”

Fish and Chips
Rebecca's Cookery Beer Battered Fish n Chips

How Long?

6.5min to fry.

According to Calum:

“Your batter should feel crispy and have light golden colour.”

“Don’t forget to let it sit for up to 1min to drain.”

And finally...

The Bay Amity Scampi
The Bay Amity Scampi

Why does the nation love fish and chips?

We asked Calum:
It has been an iconic symbol because one product can be done in so many ways. It makes it very versatile and it’s a great staple that brings people a lot of good memories. “

And what would be your ideal takeaway from The Bay? We asked. “Viktorija in batter!” he says cheekily (Viktorija is Calum’s wife and fellow member of the Bay team).

“But as she is not available,” he concedes, “I would choose Bay-battered Amity scampi”.


Time to Fry!

Now you’re ready to get frying – all you need is  fish! Check out our great range of fish and shellfish ideal for your fish and chip supper, alongside chunky hand-cut chips, The Bay’s own batter mix and tangy tartare sauce. 

All can be delivered directly from our shore to your door.

Still not sure? Our dedicated crew are here and ready to take your calls and answer your emails. We are passionate about our produce and happy to make recommendations and provide guidance on how to use your Amity catch! Contact us on orders@amityfish.co.uk.

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