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Earth Day

Earth Day 🌍

It’s not only Earth Day, but April is Earth Month with focus on investing in our planet the future. This ties in well with Amity’s own mission to protect our waters for future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

It’s the ideal time to think about small changes and sacrifices we can make that will have a BIG impact on our environment in the long run.

Our business is built on the desire to supply you the best of Scottish seafood from responsible sources. Have confidence that when you choose Amity to source your seafood, you are making a choice to help protect our beautiful waters for future generations to enjoy.

You can find out more about the amazing work our fishing industry is doing to maintain and improve our sustainability in our last blog Why You Should Still Enjoy Seafood.

Scottish Langoustine Tails, Shell On
By choosing Amity, you are choosing to support our industry's future as we work hard to protect our waters.

World Earth Day is about taking individual action and so as a business we are making a concerted effort to implement small changes that will have a big impact long term for us and our customers, including:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint when it comes to deliveries
  • Reducing our fish box packaging such as plastics and bubble wrap
  • Introducing dry ice in place of gel packs
  • Switching polyboxes for cardboard
  • Using fully recyclable vac pouches
Regenuary vs Veganuary
Our Salmon is selected with great care from farms on the West Coast that adhere to our strict company values.

However, there are also changes YOU can make that will have a big impact such as:

Choose sustainable seafood. Buy with confidence from independent suppliers such as Amity; we are happy to take your calls and emails regarding how our seafood is sourced – all our seafood is fully traceable. Supporting businesses such as ourselves in turn supports the industry and coastal communities.

Recycle! Some items may not seem it, but they can be recycled (such as our plastic vac pacs)!

Walk where you can or use shared transport. We do this with our own delivery fan, working smartly with other businesses to only send one van to an area instead of 2.

Choose sustainable fashion. Avoid fast fashion which is terrible for industry workers and the environment. Resell and recycle clothing!

Turn off your monitors at night – and other devices. Did you know the average UK household wastes £30 a year by leaving devices on standby?

Swap face wipes for a hot cloth and cleanser. It is also better for your skin!

Go reusable where possible; shopping bags and takeaway cups are easy swaps.

Choose loose fruit and veg – this saves a lot of plastic ending up in landfill while also supporting local producers!

Some plastic packaging is fully recyclable.

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We use third party couriers to deliver our seafood boxes to most UK postcodes on a next day delivery service. Our aim is to have your box with you within 24 hours – however at times this can take up to 2 days.

Don’t worry! The packing process along with frozen gel packs and dry ice will keep your seafood chilled/frozen during its journey, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition.

If for any reason you are not happy with your order when received, we offer a quality guarantee.

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