The Positive in the Negative


 Writing a monthly column is a new concept for me although voicing my opinion and persuasion is not, and a challenge is always a challenge, so enjoy my threads on all matters in the coming months. 

Not wishing to be too politically biased, I just wish that politicians would accept that they may not always be right or at least on the winning side of the argument. Admitting that you made the wrong call occasionally might be seen with compassion and applause rather than continuing to bleat and ear bash those who hear your concerns. Respect them as you portray, but ultimately they must accept that there comes a point in time when you put your shoulder behind the majority and make our future work for the good of all. 

As a businessman of over 30 years, I know full well what it is like to be on the losing side, and that can bring insecurity and uncertainty in the short to mid-term. Although both can create stress and sleepless nights, I never gave up on the challenge of the day to make a success of my business. There have been several times in my career where I have thought we failed to realise, with the benefit of hindsight, as one door closes a new door opens and its game on again.

 Successful entrepreneurs that I have well-regarded have always recognised the opportunity even in their darkest hour and seized the moment. With hard work and endeavour, you can set the direction of your future. It never fails to amaze me that not all successful outcomes were easily achieved.

As we set out into 2017, my outlook is to use the hours and resources that this year will give and make the best use of these. Will mistakes be made? I’m sure they will however if I learn from them, this will make me stronger, smarter and wiser - until next time! Life truly is a learning journey.

As a fisherman for over 40 years, and now involved in the seafood supply chain onshore, the transition from a life at sea to a life in the shored-based business world has not as easy as it looks. As a hunter gatherer, the skill is pitched against mother nature and your fellow fishermen. Using your gained lifetime skills and working in a stealthy manner was part of the daily routine as you harvested the catch, and yes I had pals but this was fishing (it was a hunt) and if you were on the spot, your own interests of harvesting were there to be fulfilled first. On the shore-side, I see the need to collaborate and network much more as you need the skills and help of services to get product to market.

Much will have happened when we reach the end of the year, more will happen if we work together putting our grievances and egos to one side and look forward to the future. Looking back is the past.