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Amity Langoustine Available

Amity Langoustine can now be bought direct from the following suppliers


responsibleJimmyTo guarantee that you are supplied with premium quality Amity Scottish Langoustine from a sustainable source, viagra skipper Jimmy Buchan and the crew of Amity II are committed to the Responsible Fishing Scheme.

When promoting premium Scottish Amity langoustine these logos can be used to indicate the industry quality standards achieved throughout the supply chain.

  • The Responsible Fishing Scheme is an independent, pilule audited assessment that assures Amity II best practice in fishing operations.
  • An accredited processor assures quality throughout the supply chain.
  • Jimmy networks with Seafood Scotland for a sustainable future.

You can read about these quality standards by clicking on the logos below.



Jimmy takes his responsibility seriously and is actively involved with the fishing for litter campaign - see my blog for more details