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Promoting Amity caught Langoustines

Hi folks I am going to Ellon fish shop to promote Amity Langoustines on August 23rd 2011. I am going to do some cooking and promoting, come and meet me if you can, I will also be selling and signing copies of my Autobiography " Trawlerman"   It will be a great to meet the Ellon Fish Shop customers and tell them all about the fish they eat. I will report and photograph the day's events... Continue reading
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Bar-b Que

  Summer arrived last night night at Peterhead Amity Langoustine was in the Paella... Continue reading
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Hi folks that is me back on line

Hi folks that is me back on line with my new personal blog, I hope to give you an insight to what is happening on the high seas and onshore from time to time. Amity and and her special crew have just been to London for several reasons.I was there to officially launch my book "Trawlerman"  We were also raising funds for the Fishermens Mission where we took two passengers on each leg of the journey on the trip. Between them they raised £1350 and also another £2700 from sponsors that I have been a customer of for over 30 years. We were promoting Scottish Seafood so all in all a very busy and eventful trip, I would say a trip of a life time. On our Southward journey we had two lassies from the Shetland Isles,  they work in Britains most Notherly chip shop and were runner up fish fryers... Continue reading
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Fishing for Litter Campaign reaches 200 tonnes

The 200th tonne of litter removed from the North Sea as part of the acclaimed Fishing for Litter Campaign was brought ashore at Peterhead this morning.The scheme encourages fishing vessels to bring ashore rubbish they net whilst out at sea, clearing the waters of land-based litter such as plastic bottles and bags. Some of the larger items hauled in include fridges, mattresses, countless calor gas canisters and even an old mine.There are currently 162 boats involved in the campaign, which is spearheaded by KIMO, a pioneering environmental organisation that has contributed to a steady reduction in marine pollution in Europe's seas. Seafood Scotland has been instrumental in promoting the initiative to vessels.The 200th tonne was brought into Peterhead by the langoustine trawler ‘Amity’, skippered by Jimmy Buchan, who appeared in the BBC ‘Trawlermen’ television series.Jimmy said: "I have really seen the benefits of being involved in the Fishing for Litter... Continue reading
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Amity is now in port laid up for the remainder of the year

Amity is now in port laid up for the remainder of the year. She is due to go into the Peterhead ship lift for a annual inspection where underwater maintenance will be carried out. Washing and painting Amity's hull will help save fuel, this is due to a build up of marine growth over the warmer summer months. It will be a good opportunity to inspect the hull under water and replace the sacrificial annoieds It is important that the annoied is wasting away as it shows that it is working well. After a few days of TLC, we will have Amity looking her best for the start of another winter in the cold North Sea. I was speaking with Skipper Andrew Buchan who is building a new vessel in Macduff shipyards which is due to be handed over to him before Christmas. He is looking forward to taking over... Continue reading
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As we near the end of 2009

As we near the end of 2009, I reflect back on what has been a very tough year for fishing. History has shown us that the fishing industry does go in cycles as I know only too well from the tales of my grandfather. I am sure if he were still around he would be saying "you do not know what tough is, laddie!" I look forward to 2010 and hopefully quayside prices will improve bringing much needed excitement and joviality back into our industry. I am off to give a PowerPoint presentation on my life and travels as a fisherman today at a local women's church guild in Peterhead. I have selected some of my best photographs of my life at sea along with some other photographs of my career in the fishing industry. I have been in schools etc promoting our fishing industry. It is always well received by... Continue reading
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The popularity of 'Trawlermen'

The popularity of 'Trawlermen' has indeed spread across the world and I had living proof of that recently as a family came all the way from Australia to Peterhead to visit me! The family of four had travelled from Caroline Springs in Melbourne to Scotland and then made a special trip from Edinburgh to Peterhead to visit me - what an honour! Stuart Murray is originally from Edinburgh but has been in Oz for 11 years now. He brought his wife, Carolyn, and their two fantastic wee boys, Mackenzie, aged 7 and Oliver, aged 4 to see me on Amity. I had a great time showing them round the boat and telling them what it's like to be skipper Jimmy. Let's hope that one day the boys can bring also their children to Peterhead and show them a thirving and sustainable fishing industry in Scotland.... Continue reading
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Christmas is near upon us

Christmas is near upon us, Amity is tied up in port and the crew are all at home enjoying some shore leave. As we predicted, more cuts in some of our main fisheries. You may wonder what I think at this time with that news? Easy - do not think about it until January. This is a time to leave my thoughts at the harbour until January. From there I will digest the the facts and figures and see what it will mean to me. On Friday evening Peterhead harbour was well lit up as some of the boats were well decorated to celebrate Christmas. It was a very windy night but nonetheless a crowd still gathered to sing some carols and see the lights switched on. The harbour is looking bright and cheery. There is an oilskin jacket that the BBC donated to to the Trawlermen-BBC golf outing this summer.... Continue reading
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It appears there are many people associated with fishing

It appears there are many people associated with fishing both current and retired still reading the blog. An old friend of mine is Betty Maclean who worked with vessel managers for many years. She gets annoyed when I do not update the blog - it is her way of keeping up to date with the thoughts of the skipper and what is happening at sea. I also met some staff from fisheries departments a few weeks back. It was great to put faces to the names. I think these guys that sign letters and enforce legislation should get out and about and down on the pier more often so that we can all work together in a more harmonious manner. There is no substitute for seeing first hand some of the problems we encounter in our day to day running of our vessels. I am sure it would be educational for... Continue reading
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We have been back at sea for three days now

We have been back at sea for three days now searching all over for Nephrops. The weather is not being very kind so we are working around what mother nature is throwing at us. Today is much better for weather and fishing, I hope we can get a few days fishing before the next set of gales set upon us. It has just been reported that fishing is 125 times more dangerous than any other profession - that is a scary statistic. I never see the job as dangerous - it is my work and we deal with it in a professional manner. If you see danger then you do all you can to make the situation safe as do the crew - we all look after one another. I do believe we learn from other peoples mistake's and even from my own mistakes. We never stop learning but we must... Continue reading
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