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whatAreTheyLangoustine (Nephrops norvegicus) is the French name for the Dublin Bay Prawn, which isn't actually a prawn but a small lobster. They are also known as Nephrops and Norway lobster and the tails are sometimes called scampi.

Amity langoustine are prestigious on menus and are a highly esteemed seafood experience. They have a very subtle flavour with a more delicate texture than lobster. Prepared simply and served whole, they are absolutely delicious and look visually stunning with their pale coral to deep rose coloured shells.

Amity langoustine are perfect for healthy gourmet entertaining, be it a starter, main course or a buffet. On BBC Ready Steady Cook, celebrity chef Lesley Waters prepared Jimmy's prime catch and won with her delicious recipes.

You may find the Amity logo or our name on restaurant menus. We allow it to be used, with permission, to assure consumers that they are ordering the best. The factors influencing seafood choice; responsible and sustainable fishing, premium quality with provenance together with fresh, delicious sweet flavours are guaranteed when you see the Amity brand.

Buchan Braes is my local hotel ( ) who serve Amity Langoustine. Please try if you visit Peterhead.