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healthBenefitsAmity langoustine are the perfect health food because they are 'naturally healthy' but are also indulgent. They easily meet the nutritional requirements of the Seafish '2 a week' campaign to encourage seafood consumption for health benefits.

There are so many ways to eat Amity langoustine; they are delicious and appetising simply cooked and served or used as an ingredient in a recipe.

Amity langoustine are a good source of protein, with a wide range of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Amity langoustine contain healthy nutrients that contribute to health benefits and values.

  • Natural - amity langoustine are pure and simple
  • Pleasure - amity langoustine are delicious, enjoying them makes you feel good
  • Wellness - amity langoustine aid mind and body, a holistic attitude to life-style
  • Prevention - amity langousine help maintain heart health
  • Nurturing - amity langoustine can contribute to the quality of life, growth and development
  • Cosmetic - amity langoustine are good for weight control
  • Performance - amity langoustine contribute towards health enhancement and achievement

There is a myth that shellfish contain cholesterol harmful to health. However, cholesterol levels in people are affected more by the amount and type of fat in the diet than the amount of dietary cholesterol.

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or you can download this pdf on the nutritional and healthy facts about prawns